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Here we offer Regiment deals to help you build armies quickly and cheaply. Each deal is planned to give you all the right figures for a particular unit to be used in any game system, you can expand the units by adding additional packs from the main range.

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Photo of Arthurian Armoured Warband. (AD-01)
AD-01 - Arthurian Armoured Warband.

Our Price:£28.30

Photo of Arthurian Warband (AD-02)
AD-02 - Arthurian Warband

Our Price:£28.30

Photo of Landsknecht Regiment Standing. (AD-03)
AD-03 - Landsknecht Regiment Standing.

Our Price:£25.10

Photo of Landsknecht Regiment Attacking (AD-04)
AD-04 - Landsknecht Regiment Attacking

Our Price:£25.10

Photo of Landsknecht Regiment Advancing (AD-05)
AD-05 - Landsknecht Regiment Advancing

Our Price:£25.10

Photo of Swiss Pike Unit Marching (AD-08)
AD-08 - Swiss Pike Unit Marching

Our Price:£25.10

Photo of Charlemagne's Knights (AD-09)
AD-09 - Charlemagne's Knights

Our Price:£38.40

Photo of Viking Hirdman Warband (AD-10)
AD-10 - Viking Hirdman Warband

Our Price:£28.00

Photo of Viking Bondi Warband (AD-11)
AD-11 - Viking Bondi Warband

Our Price:£28.00

Photo of German Grenadier Squad (GRE003)
GRE003 - German Grenadier Squad

Our Price was:£12.15
Special Offer Price:£12.00

Photo of US Infantry Platoon (USI001)
USI001 - US Infantry Platoon

Our Price was:£39.15
Special Offer Price:£34.00