AD-03 - Landsknecht Regiment Standing.

Buy a regiment of our Landsknechts for the discount price of only £22!

The regiment is made up of 20 figures, 16 are a random mix of armoured and unarmoured pikemen with pikes upright, plus 4 random command figures. Please note you may not get the exact same figures as in the photograph.

Pikes not included. The ones in the picture are the ones from our wire spear pack NSS102. If you don't buy ours, you can fashion your own from wire. The pikes illustrated are 100mm long with the ends hammered into shape.

The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. The deal does not include a flag. Have a look in our flag section for paper Landsknecht banners.

The painted regiment is not what you will receive. The picture shows my 24 figure regiment based up for the DBR rules. They are  from the same mix of command and soldier castings that are used for the 20 man deal regiment.

Landsknecht Regiment Standing.

Our Price: £25.10